domingo, 6 de fevereiro de 2011

Gun Hack - crossfire

F1 map hack (in a room press F1 join play u will fall throught the floor)
F2 Full balo (dupe weapon)
F3 one hit hack (F3 => right mouse then press 1)
F4 Nodelay hack

F4 once no delay reload, no delay knife cut
F4 twice awm nodelay shot like ak 47
F5 invisible hack
some map with team death match press F9 may be you will get hurt and die. plz press F9 when you respawn you will have 3 seconds or more time not be hurt
it doesnt work in these Map :

F6 Turn on Speed hack and switch to x2 or x4 speed
F7 Turn off Speed hack
Numpad : Gun hack ~ switch to knife before press Numpad key for unlimited ammo
switch to knife - press F3 - right click - Fx for one hit ko + unlimited ammo + gun hack

Numpad0 m4a1 silent

Numpad1 awm

Numpad2 p600

Numpad3 spass

Numpad4 xm8

Numpad5 MP7

Numpad6 rpk

Numpad7 ak gold

Numpad8 Fasmas

Numpad9 Miguagl 

Download do hack


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